Open Roles

We’re building Pure Plate, a private chef weekly meal prep service in NYC.

We started it for ourselves as a way to eat high quality, healthy meals every day without having to cook. Since then, it went viral on Twitter and interest from others has been overwhelming. We went from delivering 0 → 500 meals per week in just 2 months — with over 250 more customers on our waitlist.


In-person, NYC. Join an exciting company at the very beginning.

Operations Manager

Help us scale Pure Plate and expand our operations. Run day-to-day operations including customer comms, vendor partnerships, logistics coordination, and everything in-between.


In-person, NYC. Help us expand capacity rapidly to meet this demand.

Head Chef

Lead our weekly cooks along with menu design. The ideal person will be formally culinary trained and have experience leading a top-tier kitchen at high scale.

To start off this would be a part-time engagement (10 - 20 hours per week), with the intention to grow into a full-time partner as we expand to multiple cities with profit-sharing opportunity.

Head of Culinary Operations

Lead ingredient sourcing / procurement, delivery operations, and culinary hiring. Collaborate with the chef on menu design and day-of cook efficiency.

If interested, reach out to: kenan@eatpureplate.com & osamah@eatpureplate.com